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Founded in 2017, AiDANT was created to provide organizations with a higher degree of business intelligence, analytics, and facial & behavioural recognition capabilities.  Built through artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning tools, AiDANT provides enhanced monitoring programs that are inexpensive, easy to use, and can alert and respond to risk, threats and customer service. AiDANT provides a high-value service that is easy to integrate and deploy, as well as customizable to track specific analytics, behaviours, and events.

AiDANT’s facial and behavioural recognition technology empowers businesses to enhance retail operations, security efficiency, and overall business intelligence. AiDANT provides next-level capabilities in behavioural recognition and artificial intelligence, allowing for more meaningful analytics and insights into people and their behaviour.  Recognizing the varying needs of AI among businesses of different industries and sectors, AiDANT provides customized AI technology uniquely tailored to each of our business partners.

AiDANT creates a safer and more personalized client experience with consistent, accurate event recognition for enhanced loss prevention, location security, and business operations.


AiDANT strives to be a global leader in computer vision, machine learning, and event recognition technology.

AiDANT’s mission is to help businesses thrive by providing leading AI and machine learning technologies to change how businesses manage security, loss prevention, customer experience, and responses to human dynamics within a business organization.

Reduce Risk of:

  • Customer and employee theft
  • Violent or dangerous individuals
  • Inappropriate response to violent individuals

Maximize Opportunity to:

  • Support & help customers / improve customer experience
  • Improve staff efficiency
  • Streamline business operations
  • Secure — Keep your building safe & secure.
  • Adaptable — Our machine learning is always adapting, learning, and increasing in accuracy.
  • Flexible — Customize AiDANT to monitor & track what is most important to your organization.
  • Evolved — Technology that is intelligent and intuitive – to autonomously recognize and respond to behaviours in real time.

AI Recognition

A smartphone shows facial recognition of a man using the distance between facial features for a positive match.


Using facial recognition – cameras and artificial intelligence – every person who enters a location gets recorded into the system and is recognized on their future visits.  If a person is someone known (for instance an employee, a shoplifter, a dangerous or violent person, a VIP customer, etc.) then they can be given a label, which can be used for specific tracking and for notifying and alerting management or security as needed.

An image showing human behaviour recognition of a woman shopping at a clothing store, carrying a shopping bag.


Using behavioural recognition, AiDANT can track a variety of behaviours – including both positive and negative behaviours.  When a behaviour of interest occurs, AiDANT recognizes the behaviour and sends an alert notifying the specific people needed to handle the situation; this response can either promote actions to improve customer experience, streamline operations, or prevent negative events. For instance, if AiDANT detects a negative behaviour (theft, damage to property, etc.), it flags the event and sends an alert to management.

An image showing human behaviour recognition of a woman shopping at a clothing store, carrying a shopping bag.
A data analyst studies a computer screen to analyze charts showing data collected from event tracking technology.


AiDANT uses machine learning to provide reports and analytics for a deeper insight into customers, operations, and “events”.  Tracking events is a unique feature to AiDANT which allows you to customize what you want to track.  Select the criteria that define the event you want to track; criteria could include specific types of people (i.e. individuals with a history of misconduct, shoplifters, employees, new customers, VIP customers), specific times, specific behaviours, and more.



AiDANT uses Event Triggered Intelligence (ETI) to recognize, analyze, audit, and respond accordingly. When an event occurs, AiDANT’s intelligent system recognizes the event and it triggers AiDANT to respond autonomously.  ETI focuses on the most critical aspects of a business, whether that be theft, customer service, reporting, or even staff monitoring. Using facial recognition and behavioural recognition together, ETI will recognize a notable issue and notify the appropriate persons, so you can protect the public and your businesses’ time and resources.

Recognize. Respond. Protect. It’s that simple.


First, a surveillance camera integrated with AiDANT’s AI technology is installed in key locations.  As individuals are captured by the camera their faces and behaviours are extracted using computer vision and machine learning. These faces and behaviours are then recognized by AiDANT; any individuals or behaviours of interest are then flagged, and an alert is sent out in real time. By converting qualitative data into quantitative biometrics, AiDANT is able to identify patterns and trends for detailed reports about your internal operations.   AiDANT is customizable to each company and can integrate with existing watchlist databases to identify faces already in your system for a more integrated security network.


AiDANT is an intelligent system that autonomously identifies risk patterns and alerts management faster. AiDANT is highly customizable and can track what is important to each organization, including loss prevention, operations management, customer analytics, and security risk and prevention. AiDANT is able to cross-match identities of shoplifters, violent individuals, VIPs and the general public across many geolocations so you can respond sooner to events that matter.


Security Response.

AiDANT provides real-time alerts to threats and behaviours of interest to improve the efficiency of your security team.  When a threatening event – such as a criminal, person of interest, or suspicious behaviour – occurs you will receive an instant notification so security personnel can take appropriate action.


Retail Response.

AiDANT increases your responsiveness to client needs through consistent, accurate event recognition.  When an event related to customer experience occurs – such as a VIP enters the store or a customer appears unhappy – an alert will notify the appropriate person to step in, allowing for a more personal shopping experience for your customers.


Business Response.

AiDANT empowers businesses to improve internal operations with on-site analytics, reports, and valuable insight into your employees, your customers, and their behaviours.  Learn where the operation breakdowns occur and how you could be allocating your resources more efficiently to help your top- and bottom- line.


AiDANT provides peace-of-mind that risks are identified before they become a problem. Using facial recognition and AI technology, AiDANT identities persons of interest with high accuracy, independent of how they might change their appearance (with a hood, glasses, or a change in hairstyle) during different visits. With world-leading behavioural recognition technology, AiDANT identifies behaviours that pose security threats so that negative events can be handled more effectively.


Protect The Public.

AiDANT integrates with existing security databases – improving the accuracy with which security threats are identified and improving the efficiency of your security team’s response. For instance, if an individual is behaving suspiciously or is holding a weapon, your security team will be alerted in real time.


Protect Your Location.

For commercial organizations, an individual switching price tags, stealing merchandize, or damaging store property, would trigger an alert to your security team. Similarly, a customer with an unhappy expression could trigger a response by your customer service team to step in, ensuring a more personalized shopping experience.


Protect Your Resources.

With AiDANT’s reports on how your organization runs, you are empowered to make operational improvements. Learn where time and resources are being wasted.  Benefit from cost savings and better end-customer experiences with advanced analytics.

Our Team


AiDANT’s mission is to help increase safety through threat & risk detection, help businesses prevent loss & increase profits, and help business owners create a positive atmosphere and experience for patrons.AiDANT strives to be a global leader in facial and behavioural recognition and advanced computing science technologies. AiDANT is made up of a team of specialists with skills in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and software development. AiDANT is focused on applying new cognitive & behavioural recognition techniques to personal biometrics, allowing for more advanced business intelligence technology.

Using next-gen artificial intelligence, AiDANT is an intelligent system designed to help organizations prevent losses, damages, and threats, while improving operational efficiency and client experience. AiDANT provides a smarter way to help businesses manage, track, and protect their locations.

Roger Milford

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Professional head shot of Bruce Matichuk, CTO and Co-founder of AiDANT.

Bruce Matichuk

CTO & Co-founder
Professional head shot of Randy Duguay, CCO/COO and Co-founder of AiDANT.

Randy Duguay

CCO/COO & Co-founder
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Rob Thomson

VP Sales & Marketing

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