Alternative to Security Cameras: Introducing AiDANT AI for Business

Two years ago, AiDANT started off with a vision of wanting to change the way businesses monitored their resources and operations, with an AI-powered alternative to surveillance cameras. AiDANT was formed to empowers businesses with more than just security monitoring. Using smart surveillance cameras equipped with AI and machine learning, AiDANT aims to help organizations on their path to continuous improvement through more effective operational monitoring and reporting.

While most businesses have a continuous improvement system in place for assessing resource waste, time management, and security threats, most assessment processes are overly time-consuming and costly. That’s where AiDANT comes in, with world-leading artificial intelligence (AI) technologies that creates operational reports autonomously – without the need for many manhours of data processing and analysis. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), neural networks, and machine learning, AiDANT provides next-gen AI technology for business intelligence.

What Does AI Technology Mean for Our Future?

According to the research VP at Gartner, Mike J. Walker, “AI technologies will be the most disruptive class of technologies over the next 10 years due to radical computational power, near-endless amounts of data and unprecedented advances in deep neural networks. These will enable organizations with AI technologies to harness data in order to adapt to new situations and solve problems that no one has ever encountered previously.”

Recognizing that facial recognition was just the first step to monitoring people, AiDANT developed a solution that harnessed AI to recognize behaviours and events. Through Event Recognition Technology, AiDANT offers an alternative to security cameras that are equipped with artificial intelligence. AiDANT’s provides smart surveillance cameras that monitor day-to-day operations autonomously – for improved workplace efficiency and elimination of waste.

What is Event Recognition Technology?

Alternative to Security Cameras: AI-Enabled Business Intelligence by AiDANT

Event recognition technology involves using artificial intelligence and machine learning to detect human faces and behaviours. In visual event recognition, cameras with AI technology are installed in key locations. As the camera monitors people in its field of view, it uses computer vision to process people and their movement – in a similar way to humans processing the behaviours, faces, and emotions to people around them. AiDANT’s event recognition technology is made up of two core components: facial recognition and behaviour recognition.

Face Recognition AI:

Face recognition technology is used to identify people in a digital image or video footage, by cross-comparing it with human faces in a database for a match. A match is confirmed when the facial features of a face detected matches the facial features of a person in the database.

AiDANT uses AI for an enhanced face recognition system. With AiDANT’s technology surveillance systems can be used to not only identify humans – but also to identify human emotions.

Behaviour Recognition AI:

Behaviour recognition technology is a revolution in smart surveillance systems. Using machine learning and artificial intelligence, human behaviour can be monitored autonomously – allowing for real-time analysis of threats for enhanced access protection and public safety. Behaviour detection has a number of key applications in various industries, from detecting threatening behaviours and shoplifting to analysing employee productivity and workflow.

AiDANT applies artificial intelligence and machine learning to create a smart surveillance camera that can recognize behaviours. The result is a system that can help empower businesses, by providing operational reports and data management, as well as real-time behaviour analytics. Benefits of AiDANT’s behaviour detection technology includes improvements in security, customer service, loss prevention, and operational efficiency.

What is Event Triggered Intelligence?

Event Triggered Intelligence (ETI) is a unique capability of AiDANT technology. In ETI, the term “event” refers to a detected behaviour or individual of interest. When a targeted event has been detected, AiDANT sends a notification or alarm to the appropriate persons for immediate response. In short, ETI combines facial recognition technology, behavioural recognition technology, and an autonomous response mechanism for an all-in-one threat detection and response system.

Event Triggered Intelligence focuses on the most critical aspects of your business, whether that be theft, customer service, reporting, or staff monitoring. It can be broken down into three important steps: recognize, respond, and protect.


First, AiDANT installs smart cameras into key locations. The cameras are a more powerful alternative to surveillance cameras because they are integrated with AiDANT’s AI technology.

AiDANT labels everyone moving through a location with a face ID tag and a behaviour tag. Any individuals or behaviours of interest are flagged automatically by the system and an alert is sent in real time to mobile devices of the management team, via the AiDANT app.

AiDANT also recognizes patterns and trends to provides detailed operational reports. Data can be integrated across multiple business locations and multiple databases for enhanced data management.


AiDANT autonomously identifies risk patterns and alerts management in real time for a quicker response to threats. Alerts and reports are sent automatically by AiDANT so businesses can respond quicker to the events that matter, whether that be for loss prevention, operations management customer analytics, or safety and security. AiDANT technology is customizable to respond to events that hold importance for each organization.  


Using Event Triggered Intelligence (ETI), AiDANT detects faces and bahaviours of interest, no matter how individuals might disguise their appearance during different visits.  AiDANT protects the public, your location, and your resources with autonomous data tracking and reporting. With AiDANT’s operational reports, you can eliminate waste of time and resources for improved workflow. When you protect your resources, you benefit from cost savings and better customer experiences.

AI Applications of AiDANT Intelligent Technology

The applications of AiDANT’s smart surveillance system are far-reaching and spans multiple verticals. Because the modern AI technology is customizable to each organization’s needs, AiDANT intelligence for business can be adapted to meet the needs of Real Estate, Retailers, Security Organizations and Law Enforcement, Transportation Stations, and other job sites.

Using a machine learning algorithm, AiDANT technology can learn from experiences and it can be trained to detect targeted behaviours. For example, if the AI network could be trained to detect a wide variety of behaviours within an airport to detect a lost individual, someone rushing to catch a flight or a security threat.

AiDANT AI systems are capable of detecting new behaviours, through a type of machine learning called deep learning. In deep learning, an AI system is trained to recognize data representations (in this case representations of human behaviours). After the network is trained to detect new human behaviors it can apply its newfound knowledge to the real world, and it applies problem solving to determine whether a behaviour warrants sending a notification or alarm to management.

Due to its adaptability, AiDANT’s benefits are as far-reaching as the business segments it serves. AiDANT has six core AI applications for most of the businesses it serves, though the AI can be adapted to suit the needs of any business:

1.      Behaviour Analytics: Detect behaviours and respond in real time.

2.      Operational Reports: Improve workplace efficiency and eliminate waste of time and resources.

3.      Improved Security: Identify threats and individuals with different levels of security clearance.

4.      Data Management: Integrate data across multiple locations and databases.

5.      Customer Service: Identify VIP customers and improve customer engagement.

6.      Loss Prevention: Prevent shoplifting and organized retail crime.


AiDANT’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Business

Are you interested in AI technology for your business in Canada or the United States? Would you like to learn how AI-powered security cameras can help streamline your operations?  Get in touch with AiDANT today. As world-leaders in event recognition technology, AiDANT has developed an alternative to surveillance cameras, which is capable of Event Triggered Intelligence (ETI). ETI combines behavioural recognition and facial recognition software to identify events – and provides alerts in real time to flagged events.


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