AiDANT Intelligence for Business

AiDANT is a world-leading provider of facial and behavioural recognition and artificial intelligence solutions. As a highly customizable solution, AiDANT can track what is important to each organization, including loss prevention, operations management, customer analytics, and security/risk prevention.

The VP of Continuous Improvement analyses a printed report of the operational reports provided by AiDANT.
Beyond The Competition

Accurate Facial & Behaviour Recognition

AiDANT’s accuracy in facial and behavioural recognition comes from using proprietary multi-layer machine-learning neural net technology.

Adaptable & Customizable

AiDANT monitors your specific needs, including: loss prevention, operations management, customer analysis, and risk prevention.

Intelligent Response

AiDANT identifies behaviours and events of significance and autonomously sends alerts to management.

How it Works

Using facial and behavioural recognition, AiDANT allows you to customize what events you track, whether that be specific people, specific times, specific behaviours, and more. When a person or behaviour of interest is detected, AiDANT sends an automatic alert to management so that proper action can be taken.


Retail & Loss Prevention

Gain valuable insight into who your customers are, their shopping habits, and suspicious behaviour.

Safety & Security

AiDANT autonomously identifies risk patterns and alerts management and security faster.

Business Intelligence

Track resources and activities with advanced on-site analytics and operational reports.
AiDANT Services

Better Security & OutcomesImproved loss prevention by: multi-camera, multi-site analysis that can more quickly identify and interpret events in real-time.  Lower losses through improved automation.Better ability for staff to more quickly respond and serve clients. Find frustrated customers or persons of interest sooner.  Provides faster response, rich reports, and statistical data integrated across all locations.Advanced Recognition AI TechnologyAiDANT SecureAiDANT ProtectAiDANT Online ApplicationAiDANT Mobile AppDelivery & Configuration


Advanced behavioural recognition to suspicious behaviour such as: avoidance behaviours, theft, aggression, and more.

Advanced recognition through proprietary multi-camera AI and machine learning.  AiDANT’s world-leading behavioural recognition provides for a more automated, accurate, and intelligent recognition & response.


Better Support

  • Simple to deploy and activate.
  • Competitive pricing with greater features.
  • 24/7 operational and client support.

Delivery & Configuration

For AiDANT Recognition – we provide a full delivery project plan outline and will complete the initial client configuration based on the initial client-specifications.  We can help secure and manage the whole installation process, or work with


Better Security & Outcomes

Ideal for applications that require ongoing monitoring to protect and secure property, staff, or valuable assets anywhere.

Ideal for monitoring single-point-of-entry or locations that operate 24/7.

Provides a higher, more responsive, and interactive security solution that can engage external support faster when needed.


More Support

  • Plug-and-play solution that used a quick to deploy single camera setup.
  • Easily installed and configurable.
  • Low cost entry solution that provides for rich data.

Delivery & Configuration

For AiDANT Secure – this solution is fully packaged and can be installed by the client, or we can help identify an installation resource to help you get started.


Configurable to include behaviour recognition as a value-add.

*coming soon*

Guard-Me-Now is a business intelligence solution unique to AiDANT that pairs elegantly with AiDANT Recognize or AiDANT Secure solutions.


Professional Security Response

Professional response that includes the ability to rapidly mobilize highly-trained security professionals at any time.  Notification-enabled tracking when security is dispatched.


Customizable Security Options

Client-definable menu of responses to events and threats, that is customizable to serve individual security needs.


Threat Management

Incidence reporting tools integrates with AiDANT Business Intelligence Technology, to increase ongoing threat management and reporting.

Available as a pay-per-use application.

AiDANT Online Application

AiDANT Online provides reports, analyses, summaries, and insights from the data, so that your company can better understand what is happening “on location”. Reports can be created for whatever your company wishes to track, or better understand.

An operations manager uses the AiDANT online app to generate real time reports about events happening on location.
From the user’s smartphone, the AiDANT app opens to show a notification that says “Alert: Shoplifter”.
AiDANT Mobile App

AiDANT’s app is quick and easy to use; it has two main functions that help you better manage your location:
1. Instant Photo & Recognition. Use your phone to take a picture of a person on location and input them into the system. Add as much information as consented to. Additionally, you can ‘label’ the person, for instance as a frequent/VIP shopper, or as a threat if they are caught stealing, damaging property, or are a danger.

2. Instant Alerts & Notifications. Depending on what you want to track, AiDANT can send updates on your location/building through email, text, or alert from the app. AiDANT helps by tracking events, so it is easier for you to understand your customers and persons of interest to take appropriate action.

AiDANT Support

Standard level technical assistance and support services provided by AiDANT include:

  • software maintenance releases and updates,
  • software usage assistance and operational advice, and
  • troubleshooting and problem diagnosis.

The technical contact persons at AiDANT will be available between 9:00 and 16:00 MST/MDT (Mountain Time, Alberta) on business days, except public holidays.

During the Initial Term and any Renewal Terms for which a client has paid support fees, AiDANT will supply, or make available, at no additional charge to the client, any new releases of software products or licensed services.

Additional Levels of Service

Item Standard Extended




Maximum Initial Response Time 3

business days


business days



Total Time Budget (hours) 2 36 72
Access to Issue Tracking System on request
E-Mail Support
Phone Support
Remote Trouble Shooting
Updates to New Releases
Custom Performance Tuning
Expert Code Reviews
Emergency Hot-Fixes
Custom Releases

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