AI for Continuous Improvement

Going beyond facial recognition, AiDANT uses artificial intelligence to recognize behaviours and specific events in real-time, gaining insight into demographics, patterns of behaviours, and operational strengths and weaknesses. AiDANT technology can help organizations pinpoint resource waste and service shortcomings, providing you with clear reports on how to improve operations to manage your organization more efficiently and eliminate wasted time and resources. AiDANT business intelligence is here to meet the needs of Real Estate, Retailers, Security Organizations, Transportation Stations, and other job sites. With autonomous tracking, you can stay on top of your business, better manage your operations, and get next-level business intelligence.


Analytics for Strategic Planning

AiDANT provides advanced analytics to help define key growth & decline areas and operational performance.

  • Measure traffic based on the time, special events, and demographics.
  • Learn what percentage of visitors are new versus returning visitors.
  • Identify the ideal building layout based on movement patterns.
  • Optimize staffing schedules to maximize productivity while saving labour dollars.
  • Identify opportunities to reduce wait time between steps in the supply chain.
  • Compare performance against previous time periods and other locations.
  • Streamline business operations to save money and time.

Improved Security

AiDANT provides improved security and loss-prevention tools, including a means for alerting management or security personnel of potential problems or clients to monitor or assist.

  • General analytics tools to support improved store operations and management of security threats.
  • Identify individuals with different levels of security clearance – staff, VIPs, threatening individuals – to aid in security response and management.
  • Identify particular locations, times, and behaviours that are higher security risks – so you can better take safety precautions.

Behaviour Analytics

Through machine learning and artificial intelligence, AiDANT is trained to identify specific behaviours as people move through the space.  AiDANT is able to:

  • Detect behaviors and respond in real time. Behaviors could include theft, searching, attention to specific objects, distress & unusual events and more.
  • Monitor and label sequences of frames as actions and behaviors. If you want AiDANT to detect a new behaviour, we can train our AI to identify the specific behaviour you wish to track.
  • Multi-camera integration for more complex behaviour recognition and analysis as people move through the space.
  • Predictive behavior analytics based on machine learning.
  • Voice interface for hands-free operation.
Services provided: operational reports, improved security, customer service, loss prevention, and behaviour analytics.
External Alarm Capability

• View security footage anytime, anywhere. Real-time focus and zoom on items of interest; remote control of cameras (dependent on type of camera system deployed).

• To investigate an alarm, simply select the notification on your AiDANT app to view the event in real time.

Multiple Storage Options for Images and Video

• Video gateway for easy remote viewing access.
Start/stop video recording manually; Start/stop video recording based on event handling rules.

Multiple Location Integration

• Image database that houses all recognized individuals from all locations, with the option to also filter individuals’ images by location.

• Data management and reporting based on camera locations, and by location(s).

• View any camera at any one of your locations in the network on mobile device; Notification integration with mobile app.

Why Choose AiDANT?

1-Easy Setup

Easy to deploy and integrate in a single or multiple-location outline and can be configured uniquely for each location.


More affordable than other solutions due to the lower cost infrastructure elements that are deployed as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution. Easy to set up and maintain.

3-Operational Management

Provides an improved means of managing staff and operational efficiencies, which can provide benefits for loss-prevention as well as to improve the building layout and staffing schedules.

4-Advanced Technology

AiDANT business intelligence includes machine-learning and analytics tools that can enhance the client experience and facility operations.

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