Reducing Risk & Maximizing Opportunity

Put an end to shoplifting and retail violence with AiDANT’s facial and behavioural recognition technology. Enhance customer experience and retail operations with advanced reports and analytics that capture the shopper’s journey as they enter and move through your store. Receive real-time alerts about shopper behaviour that requires a member of your customer service team to step in, for a more personalized customer experience. AiDANT’s intelligent technology for retail is highly customizable and can track what is important to each store location; AiDANT tracks specific events including detecting price tag switching, shoplifting, and other behaviours that require the attention of a manager, customer service representative, or security guard.


Threat & Risk Detection for Loss Prevention.

AiDANT is an intelligent system that autonomously identifies shoplifters, dangerous persons and suspicious behaviours to alert management faster. Prevent shoplifting, retail violence, and organized retail crime before it starts.

Operational Management.

Get reports, operational analysis, and valuable insight to better track resources, store activities, and queues.  Analyze trends by time of day and learn key performance metrics such as foot traffic and conversion rate broken down by demographic group.

Customer Experience & Value.

Identify who your customers are, their shopping habits, and how they are impacted by in-store promotions and employees’ customer service. Visualize your shopper’s customer journey with AI that tracks customers’ routes through the store.

Two Key Problems Facing Retailers:

Inventory Shrinkage

Loss Prevention & Security. Current security systems are not doing enough to prevent losses and keep stores secure.


  • Inventory shrinkage costs the US retail industry $60 billion. (Forbes)
  • Shoplifting and organized retail crime continue to be the leading causes of this shrinkage. 45% of lost revenue in US retail is from employee theft.  (Global Retail Theft Barometer)
  • Shoplifters are caught on average only once every 48 times they steal. (NASP)

Customer Experience

Threat detection is only one example of how AiDANT can be used.



Identifying who is coming into a store and tracking their actions gives store owners the ability to optimize the value of the time shoppers spend in the store.  It helps store owners to better monitor and serve client needs and improve the customer journey.


AiDANT provides key customer insights and analytics, shows shopping patterns, and does more to help with customer experience, retention, and satisfaction.

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