Respond More Efficiently to Threats

Recognize. Respond. Protect.

Improve security with AiDANT’s facial and behavioural recognition technology. AiDANT’s security intelligence is highly customizable and can track what is important to your security team, including anomalies in behaviour, high incidence areas, and recognition of persons of interest for heightened security and risk prevention.


persons of interest and suspicious behaviour with cameras that autonomously send alerts in real time to your security team.


more quickly to security threats with notifications so that security personnel can take appropriate action.


the public and your staff with world-leading recognition AI that integrates with existing security databases, improving accuracy and efficiency when responding to security threats, reducing false positives, and preventing security gaps caused by passive alarms and human error.

Customized Escalation Response

When it comes to security, threat levels can range from minor to major. AiDANT’s response to each of these threats can be customized by your security team. Establish your own protocols; decide who AiDANT notifies depending on the threat, and the message sent to these people, so they can take appropriate action to deal with the situation.


Reduce Risks & ThreatsAiDANT is an intelligent system that autonomously identifies criminals, dangerous persons and suspicious behaviours to alert security personnel faster. With AiDANT, you can better prevent theft, violence, and organized crime before it starts and reduce security gaps.

Improve Action Outcomes

AiDANT’s responses can be customized, so each threat and situation can be handled with the appropriate action.  Improve outcomes with violent individuals and situations.  Improve safety of remote or sensitive locations that need monitoring with 24/7 surveillance cameras equipped with facial and behavioural recognition AI.

Maximize Efficiency of Your Team

Identify persons of interest and behaviours that need immediate response with AiDANT’s advanced facial recognition and behavioural recognition technology.  Improve staff efficiency by improving response times and outcome.  AiDANT reduces false negatives of passive alarm systems and human error.

Key Problems Facing Security & Law Enforcement

Resource Shortages

Law enforcement and security agencies have to protect the community and enforce laws with limited resources.  This limitation makes it difficult to manage and respond to threats with maximum efficiency.  With AiDANT, the response to these threats can be delegated easily, quickly, and more efficiently.  Facial and behavioural recognition can cut time required to correctly identify individuals and behaviours that are a threat, leading to quicker response times, quicker investigations, and quicker arrests.

False Positives

Without the use of AI and facial recognition technology, security personnel and law enforcement must rely on manpower and outdated security databases to sift through and match the profiles of suspicious individuals, leading to slower recognition and response times to threats. This can result in false positives and extra work to correct the mistake.  With AiDANT, these false positives can be reduced using artificial intelligence and facial, behavioural, and event identification recognition.

Inefficient Escalation Reponses

Security processes currently in place are not doing enough to filter through and prioritize threats and manage the correct responses to these threats.   Law enforcement call centers do a great deal of heavy lifting when it comes to filtering calls and escalation.  AiDANT’s AI provides an alternate option for responding to events.  Every call or alarm that comes in has a different priority level; AiDANT’s response system allows your security organization to better filter through these threats, identify priorities, and determine the correct response based on the situation’s level of danger.

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