Rob Thomson

VP Sales & Marketing

Rob Thomson is the VP of Sales & Marketing at AiDANT, a world-class provider of facial and behavioural recognition AI technology for Canada and the United States.

A veteran with over 20 years of experience in sales, marketing, and corporate and community partnerships, Rob works together with organizations on operations and continuous improvement initiatives through the application of AI for facial and behavioural recognition.

Rob thrives on strategic thinking: from charting a vision, to designing operations, to motivating teams to achieve. He loves the challenge of devising new marketing opportunities and to practically implement the processes necessary to bring the vision to life.  Not just an adept abstract thinker, Rob possesses keen relationship skills. Those skills allow him to forge connections with all levels of stakeholder—both internal and external—which turn strategies into reality. The result: stronger existing relationships, growing new partnerships, increased revenue stream opportunities, and motivated employees.

Rob has extensive experience in helping organizations, by forging new revenue strategies with AI technologies and biometric data.