AiDANT Spark 2.1.0 Released

AiDANT Spark 2.1.0 Released

The AiDANT Spark application, an AiDANT's specialty application, can be used to monitor areas that are time sensitive regarding vehicles, be it parking spots, no-parking zones or dangerous locations such as bridges or tunnels. Its unique ability to escalate alarms is ideal for warning drivers through loudspeakers before actions are taken. The vehicles that can be detected are: Motorcycles, Cars, Trucks, Buses, Bicycles, Trains, Boats, Airplanes.

The new version of AiDANT Spark, released today, pushes the limits of accurate vehicle detection, specializing in non-moving vehicles. The software can keep a timer on a vehicle indefinetly even if it is not moving. Our new and improved proprietary Artificial Intelligence model runs at 130 milliseconds per analysis (roughly 7 frames per second) inside the AXIS camera, no server required. Additionally, a new, proprietary and improved Log System has been introduced, allowing for better real-time monitoring of the application and troubleshooting when required.

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How Sirix Utilizes AiDANT Aware Advanced Loitering Module to Secure a Major Bank’s ATM Network

Case Study: How Sirix Utilizes AiDANT Aware Advanced Loitering Module to Secure a Major Bank’s ATM Network


Overview of Sirix

Founded in 2016 by Daniel Cyr and Jonathan Potvin in Laval, Canada, Sirix was established with a mission to provide top-tier live video monitoring and remote site management services across North America. The inception of Sirix followed Daniel and Jonathan’s acquisition of a Security Operations Center (SOC), which marked a significant transition from traditional security methods like installations and guard services to more technologically advanced solutions. By integrating human expertise with advanced analytics and AI technologies, Sirix aims to deliver the most reliable and innovative remote physical security services to businesses of all sizes across a wide range of industries.


The Challenge: Loitering in a Major Bank’s ATM Network

A major bank faced a significant loitering problem within its ATM network. Homeless individuals would enter the ATM vestibules during off-hours to rest and sleep, creating safety and sanitary concerns. These ATM areas, accessible 24/7 for clients to conduct transactions, became uncomfortable and sometimes intimidating spaces due to the presence of loiterers. The bank needed a real-time solution to detect loiterers, even if they were not moving or were partially covered by blankets or other objects. Additionally, the solution needed to minimize false positives to ensure that Sirix's operators were only alerted to real threats. This way, operators could follow the bank's standard operating procedures (SOP) and promptly address the situation to ensure the safety and comfort of the bank’s clients.


The Solution: AIDANT Aware Advanced Loitering Module

AIDANT Aware Advanced Loitering effectively addresses the loitering issue in the bank’s ATM network by monitoring the duration individuals spend in the ATM vestibules. If someone exceeds the time typically required to complete a transaction, a loitering notification is sent to Sirix’s command center. Here, remote security operators review the video footage. Upon confirming loitering, operators can issue voice warnings to prompt the individuals to leave immediately. If necessary, they can escalate the response by calling the authorities or contacting the bank's branch security manager.

What makes AIDANT particularly effective in this scenario is its ability to generate minimal false positives, allowing operators to focus on genuine threats. Additionally, AIDANT can accurately recognize loiterers even when they are not moving or are partially covered. This ensures a prompt and appropriate response, maintaining the safety and comfort of the bank’s clients.


Quote from Sirix's CEO, Daniel Cyr

"AIDANT Aware Advanced Loitering technology has been a game-changer for us in addressing critical physical security challenges for our clients. Its precision in detecting genuine loitering incidents while minimizing false positives has allowed our team to respond swiftly and effectively. This technology has significantly enhanced the security and comfort of our clients’ environments, demonstrating Sirix's commitment to innovative and reliable security solutions."



Care M5526 Extended Range

Care M5526 Extended Range

The AiDANT Care application developed by is an AXIS ACAP application that can be used to monitor a room and notify the user if a patient has left their bed or fallen. This application can be installed into any AXIS camera with a DLPU processor. The video below illustrates how to configure AXIS M5526-E PTZ camera to guard tour and detect falls at extended ranges. In ths case, enabling detection of fallen people at an impressive range of 110 meters (roughly 330 feet). Please contact AiDANT support for more details.