AiDANT Spark 2.1.0 Released

The AiDANT Spark application, an AiDANT’s specialty application, can be used to monitor areas that are time sensitive regarding vehicles, be it parking spots, no-parking zones or dangerous locations such as bridges or tunnels. Its unique ability to escalate alarms is ideal for warning drivers through loudspeakers before actions are taken. The vehicles that can be detected are: Motorcycles, Cars, Trucks, Buses, Bicycles, Trains, Boats, Airplanes.

The new version of AiDANT Spark, released today, pushes the limits of accurate vehicle detection, specializing in non-moving vehicles. The software can keep a timer on a vehicle indefinetly even if it is not moving. Our new and improved proprietary Artificial Intelligence model runs at 130 milliseconds per analysis (roughly 7 frames per second) inside the AXIS camera, no server required. Additionally, a new, proprietary and improved Log System has been introduced, allowing for better real-time monitoring of the application and troubleshooting when required.

Please contact AiDANT support for more details.