Flagship Products


Detects loitering and intrusion, with occupancy counting for people and vehicles.


Provides real time fall detection and Patient-out-of-Bed notifications.


Monitors an area and notifies the user if a marker is present-in or missing-from an area of interest for too long.

Specialty Products


Measures a queue and notifies when it is too long, too slow or cashier absent. Includes reporting as detailed graphics and csv files. 


Sends escalated notifications when a vehicle stays in an area of interest longer than the pre-defined set time.


Monitors an airport carousel and notifies if the count of luggage exceeds a certain threshold.

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Our goal is to make AiDANT the best AI behavioral-recognition company in the industry. We have built an all-star team of Artificial Intelligence experts and entrepreneurs who share the passion, vision, and experience to do it. Our AI solutions are beneficial to a wide array of industries, not just as security. Let’s work together to provide your customers with the best-in-class solution it deserves.

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