We believe AI should enhance people. That it should make people smarter, more insightful, and more efficient. AiDANT behavior-recognition solutions do this by providing you with critical behavioral insights and alerts, allowing you to optimize your business, your security, your employees, and your customers’ experience.

True Insight Requires True Learning.

AiDANT is built on behavior-recognition AI that uses true machine-learning rather than pixel recognition. This means you will have more accurate security alerts and the ability to identify and react to behavioral events in real-time. It means you will have insights into your business’ foot traffic flow, so you can move employees and products to where they’re most valuable, when it’s the most valuable. It means you will understand your customers better, protect your assets better, and that your company will perform better than you thought possible.

What is the “Edge?”

“The edge” means that all data processing is done on site, without relying on the cloud. The “extreme edge” refers to processing that’s done on the camera itself, as is the case with the ARTPEC-7 and the latest AXIS DLPU cameras.

Scalable Solutions. Ideal Results.

All of our AI solutions are fully scalable and designed to provide benefits to a wide variety of industries. None of our services gather personally identifiable information, so client privacy is assured..

Retail and Commercial

AiDANT true AI can improve your security as well as your customer services. Our technology can instantly notify security when it observes troubling behavior, like loitering in an ATM area, someone wielding a firearm, or hands raised in a defensive position. But beyond security, we can also help you offer better service to your customers by providing critical information, such as customer surge patterns or customer wait times for tellers and appointments. 


Our software can be used to improve staff effectiveness and customer service by alerting managers and staff to certain conditions like long lines, surpassed occupancy limits, or customers waiting for assistance. We can also provide managers with critical data and key insights about customer behaviors in their retail locations, such as where people spend the most time in their store and foot traffic patterns. This allows you to optimize your offerings and retail layout.


AiDANT software assists with 24hr-patient monitoring and can notify care providers of a wide variety of patient conditions that could indicate a medical emergency—such as a patient who is laying on the floor or spending extended time in the bathroom. Our software can also trigger alerts when caretakers wave their arms, so they can immediately call for help even if they aren’t carrying a phone or are otherwise out of contact. This not only improves patient care but provides extra peace of mind to patients, family members, and caretakers alike.


AiDANT software is one of the best ways to ensure workers’ safety in factories and warehouses. Notifications can be activated and sent if someone spends too long in a dangerous area, such as a cold storage room, or if someone has entered a restricted area.


AiDANT can help make cities smarter by identifying gathering crowds and counting people in areas of interest. This allows key officials to identify potential security threats, optimize public transit services and schedules, deploy emergency resources based on real time conditions, and more.

Custom Solutions

Do you have specialized requirements that aren’t addressed by our other solutions? We can help you meet them with a custom solution that fits your unique situation. 

Our Products

AiDANT Edge was designed for ACAP (AXIS Camera Application Platform) to run directly on ARTPEC-7 and latest AXIS DLPU cameras. It identifies behavior through true AI, and its in-camera processing significantly reduces the need for additional infrastructure for better financial accessibility.

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AiDANT Ronin is our server-based solution that is specifically designed for use with the Genetec platform, allowing it to add intelligence to real-time video streams and alert users to behavioral events as they happen.

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AiDANT Askari is our camera-agnostic solution that can run on an edge-based server or through cloud processing. Our web portal and app let you access our AI from a wide variety of equipment and setups, which is ideal if you don’t have your own video management solution.

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Artificial Intelligence

Human Ethics

Creating ethical AI is incredibly important to us, which is why our software does not collect, record, or store any personally identifiable information about people and, in most cases, the data never leaves the premises. AiDANT AI only identifies objects and behaviors. This protects the privacy and security of your customers and employees alike.

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Our AI solutions are beneficial to a wide array of industries, not just as security. Let’s work together to provide your customers with true AI solutions.

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Our goal is to make AiDANT the best AI behavioral-recognition company in the industry. It’s an ambitious goal, but we’ve built an all-star team of Artificial Intelligence experts and entrepreneurs who share the passion, vision, and experience to do it. So let us give your company the best-in-class solution it deserves.

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