Award winning AXIS ACAP application using Artificial Intelligence to send an event when a person or vehicle stays in an area of interest longer than the pre-defined set time. Counts occupancy of locations without need for a server. Occupancy counts can cover multiple entrances using a group of cameras. The application is easy to install and configure, with a setup time of only a few minutes. Download the app from our downloads page, and contact our support with your your camera’s MAC address for a demo license.

The AiDANT solution has been incredibly accurate. We’re running 95% accurate in the locations we’ve deployed so far – I have some locations that are 100% accurate… and if you’ve deployed analytics of any kind, those are unheard of numbers. I’m still amazed by that kind of accuracy, but I have branches that are locations that are consistantly running 100% accurate – That means no misses, that means no false alarms,  and it hits all of the loiterers that we have in our vestibules. That’s pretty amazing.
John M. – Senior Manager Physical Security Technologies 

Intrusion and Loitering

AiDANT Aware will notify when there is an intrusion or a loitering scenario. The loitering time is configurable and the person/object does not have to move in order to be tracked.


AiDANT Aware can count the occupancy of a location and send notifications when the locale is full. The reporting capabilities allow for a detailed graph or csv report for the past two years.