AXIS ACAP application used to monitor an area and notify the user if a marker is present-in or missing-from an area of interest for too long. It can be installed on any ARTPEC-6, ARTPEC-7 or ARTPEC-8 camera, does not require DLPU (excluding fisheye, panoramic and multisensors). The application is easy to install and configure, with a setup time of only a few minutes. Download the app from our downloads page, and contact our support with your your camera’s MAC address for a demo license.

The Markers application can be used in those circumstances where a detection is needed but there is no artificial intelligence model available. Simply print a marker using your printer or a local graphics shop. The detections are extremely accurate and the use cases are limited only by our imagination. Marker IDs are published to MQTT for any client to consume.

Blocked Exits

AiDANT Markers will notify when a door or gate have been blocked for a predefined period of time, as seen in video. Similar use cases include: Door Ajar, Object Taken, Flood Detected and more…

Forklift Dismount Bypass

AiDANT Markers will notify when forklift is in front of the gate, allowing for automatic access control or gate opening.